PCGS Authorized Dealer Code of Conduct

The Authorized Dealer Code of Conduct (“Code”) is designed to reinforce the values of Collectors Universe (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“PCGS”) and ensure that all the customers of PCGS receive quality customer service and that every PCGS Authorized Dealer (“Dealer”) adheres to the highest ethical standards. By becoming a Dealer, you agree to the following guidelines stated within this code.

This Code is non-inclusive of all situations and circumstances that may arise and that may violate the principles of good faith used to establish it. Therefore, if situations and circumstances arise that are not covered within this Code and that PCGS feels are in violation of its underlying principles, PCGS maintains the right to take punitive action.

Failure to comply with this Code and its underlying principles can lead to Dealer incurring a variety of penalties, including but not limited to, losing the right to remain a PCGS Authorized Dealer.

For any disputes that cannot be resolved through friendly negotiation within 180 business days, both PCGS and the Dealer have the right to submit the dispute to the Shanghai Arbitration Commission (or the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre in the event that Dealers are based in Hong Kong and their submissions are processed by PCGS in Hong Kong) in accordance with the rules applicable at the time. The arbitration shall be final and binding. The losing party shall be responsible for the costs of arbitration including reasonable attorney fees unless arbitration stipulates otherwise. The substantive law governing the dispute resolution shall be the law of P. R. China if the case is submitted to the Shanghai Arbitration Commission, or the law of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the P. R. China if the case is submitted to the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.