PCGS Grading Services

PCGS Shield

PCGS offers you everything you need to submit your coins for grading and authentication.

Having your coins graded and authenticated by the most-trusted, independent grading service eliminates the guesswork in determining their value. Pricing for our services is determined by the value and type of the coin and the desired turnaround time.

PCGS Authorized Dealers and Collectors Club members in Hong Kong can submit directly to PCGS at our Hong Kong Submission center. The submission center is open five days a week and clients can either ship their submissions directly to the submission center or schedule an appointment to drop off their coins.

If you are not currently a member you can join by visiting the PCGS booth at shows we attend or be selecting the option on the PCGS submission form. Coins may also be submitted through a PCGS Authorized Dealer.

Types of Submissions
You may submit coins through the Grading, Regrading, Crossover or Reholder Services.

Please specify whether the coins you are submitting are U.S. or World (non-U.S.). You cannot mix U.S. and World (non-U.S.) coins on the same submission form.


For raw coins (not encapsulated or graded by any grading service).


For a coin previously graded by PCGS you feel might be worthy of a higher grade, submit it in the holder. The coin will be removed from the PCGS holder and regraded.

For a coin previously graded (currently encapsulated) PCGS will holder the coin only if it meets or exceeds the other grading company's grade (unless specifically instructed differently by you). You cannot specify a higher minimum grade. If the PCGS grade is lower than the other grading company's grade, we will return the coin to you in the original holder. Learn More


This is the re-encapsulation of PCGS-graded coin(s).

Special Note about World and Chinese Metals & Tokens

PCGS Gold Shield™

PCGS Shield

The PCGS Gold Shield™ service is the ultimate shield against counterfeiting and coin doctoring. With PCGS Gold Shield service, each coin is laser scanned, imaged, and registered into the Gold Shield database. The system digitally captures the unique fingerprints of both sides of each coin. Gold Shield can also be used to perform a metallic composition analysis of your coin. And now, for your records and as a further deterrent to coin doctoring and counterfeiting, high-quality images of all coins submitted under Gold Shield are available under Cert Verification on the PCGS website, free of charge.

If a coin has been tampered with, it gets flagged, simple as that.

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PCGS Genuine

PCGS Shield

Coins that are genuine but not gradable can still be encapsulated through our Genuine service. Only one option is allowed per submission form. Select one of our three Genuine service options:

  1. Genuine with Details (default) – will print the coin problem along with a details grade
  2. Standard Genuine service
  3. Do Not Holder Genuine

PCGS Restoration

PCGS Restoration is a new service designed to help collectors overcome environmental problems that may have occurred with their coins. Preserving originality and the natural condition of every coin is the number one objective of PCGS Restoration.

All coins submitted will be evaluated by experts before any restoration is attempted. Coins will not qualify for restoration if, in the opinion of these experts, the coin should not be restored or if any attempt at restoring the coin could possibly worsen its condition.

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