Grading Process

The PCGS Gold Shield Grading Process involves a number of steps to ensure that the highest level of service is provided. Each phase of the grading process is performed in accordance with our established procedures to accurately and safely grade each banknote and place them safely into the secure PCGS holder.


Each package is received and each banknote is reviewed, itemized, photographed and entered into our grading system to ensure the contents match the information provided by the customer.


Each banknote is examined and evaluated by numerous banknote experts and is evaluated in accordance with the established PCGS Gold Shield Grading Standards.


Once each banknote is assigned a numerical grade and its details are input into the grading system, the banknote is then secured within a PCGS Gold Shield Grading holder and labeled with its pertinent information.


Once the banknote is encapsulated in the PCGS Gold Shield Grading holder, it is then verified by an additional banknote expert to ensure all pertinent information is accurate and matches our records. Once verified, the banknote is ready to be returned to the client.


After completing the grading process, each banknote is held in a secure vault until proper return shipping is in place or the client arranges for in-person pick up at our submission center.

Banknotes that are not suitable for grading:

  • Forgery or Not Genuine.
  • Significantly Repaired.
  • Serial Number or Color Alterations.
  • Otherwise not suitable for grading.
  • US denominated scrip, including goods and services, merchant and Transportation. *Checks, satire and advertisement scrip and stocks and some bonds are not eligible for certification.
  • Most banknotes issued for reasons other than some form of socioeconomic exchange are not eligible for PCGS Gold Shield Grading certification.
  • Some checks, satire and advertisement scrip and stocks are not eligible for certification.
  • Banknote pictures.
  • Most of the banknotes issued temporarily during war time or revolutionary period.