PCGS Crossover Service Policy Update Asia

(Hong Kong) - Professional Coin Grading Service Company PCGS (www.PCGSasia.com). In order to protect the interests of collectors and align with the US Headquarter regulations, the following updates were made to the policy of the Crossover service starting July 1st, 2019:

  • Crossover service fee: 1% Guarantee Premium fee based on the value of the Crossover coin.
  • Service levels:ALL service levels
  • If the coin is successfully Crossover, you will pay the corresponding grading fee and Crossover service fee according to the level of the coin rating service; if the coin Crossover is unsuccessful, PCGS will return the coin and pay the standard grading fee and the Guarantee Premium does not apply.

According to the PCGS Crossover Service Policy, PCGS Crossover Service is applicable to coins that have been rated and packaged by other third-party grading companies. The grader can set the minimum score (not higher than the score on the existing holder; the highest is PCGS grade is MS70 or PCGS PR70; if you do not fill in the minimum score, PCGS will consider that the minimum score you specify is the score on the existing holder), and only if the coin reaches or exceeds the score, you can Crossover; if the coin do not meet the requirements, it will be returned in its original holder.

See PCGS Crossover Service for details: https://www.pcgsasia.com/crossover?l=en

PCGS Lifetime Guarantee of Grade and Authenticity

PCGS guarantees that all coins and banknotes submitted for grading shall be graded in accordance with the PCGS grading standards and under the procedures of PCGS. In addition, all coins and banknotes it graded and encapsulated by PCGS are guaranteed genuine. All coins and banknotes graded and encapsulated by PCGS are guaranteed. In the event the purchaser of a PCGS graded coin believes that the coin has been overgraded with respect to such standards and procedures, or is non-authentic, he may submit such coin to PCGS through the PCGS “Guarantee Resubmission” procedures and PCGS will re-examine coin to determine the coin's grade and authenticity.


Please contact PCGS at [email protected] for bulk submissions.

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