PCGS 2018 Special Labels for Auspicious Culture

(Hong Kong) – The world leading third-party professional coin certification and grading company PCGS (www.PCGSasia.com) offers special labels for Auspicious Culture. The People’s Bank of China will release a series of 2018 Auspicious Culture Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins starting March 22, 2018. This series contains a total of 8 commemorative coins, including 4 gold coins and 4 silver coins. All are the legal tender of the People’s Republic of China. The pattern on each commemorative coin fits with the theme of auspicious culture. PCGS special labels are available for all four themes of Auspicious Culture.

The patterns on this series of gold and silver commemorative coins have auspicious messages that remind people of harmony and happiness. PCGS adds Chinese traditional elements of copper string and tie knot in label, creating a pattern of copper knot. “Knot” (Jie in Chinese) evokes a feeling of reunion, intimacy and warmth. “Jie” is a homophone for “Ji” (Auspicious) in China, a word carrying rich connotations such as blessing, longevity, happiness, good fortune and well-being. Copper coin plus Chinese knot represent flourishing wealth, reunion, peace and happiness.

Special labels with 2 different designs in one Series

  • Auspicious Culture – Good luck in making money (“钱”程似锦)

    Good luck in making money (“钱”程似锦)

  • Auspicious Culture - Flourishing flowers (花团锦簇)

    Flourishing flowers (花团锦簇)

Detailed rules are as follows

Suitable coins:
These special labels are not limited to 2018 Auspicious Culture Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins, they are open to all modern coins and badges casted by official mints!

For details, visit https://www.pcgsasia.com/article/pcgs-exempt-coin-restriction-for-special-labels

  • Auspicious Culture special label: 5 USD/piece (Special label promotion is also available, free of charge if you submit 5 coins or more in one order)
  • First Day of Issue designation: 10 USD/piece
  • FIRSTSTRIKE® designation: 13 USD/piece
  • Minimum 5 coins per order. Please contact PCGS Hong Kong for bulk submissions.

Submission instructions:

You can choose to use special label, FIRSTSTRIKE® or First Day of Issue designation individually, or choose the designation of FIRSTSTRIKE® or First Day of Issue together with special label. For the above application, you need to indicate which label you would like to use on the submission form, for example, by writing down “2018 Auspicious Culture special label: Gorgeousness + First Day of Issue”

Submission Deadline:

Coins applying for First Day of Issue designation must be received by PCGS Hong Kong office before 10:00 a.m. on the first business day following the release date. If you’d like to apply for FIRSTSTRIKE®, submissions must be delivered to PCGS Hong Kong office within the first 30 days of issue. Coins that are mailed to PCGS must be bearing a postmark date that is identical to the release date.

Based on release date of Auspicious Culture Commemorative Coins, submission deadlines for First Day of Issue designation or FIRSTSTRIKE® designation are listed below:

Themes of Commemorative CoinsRelease dateDeadline for First Day of Issue designationDeadline for FIRSTSTRIKE® designation
“寿居耄耋”Commemorative Coins March 22 10:00 a.m, March 23 April 21
“榴开百子”Commemorative Coins April 20 10:00 a.m, April 23 May 21
“珠联璧合”Commemorative Coins May 18 10:00 a.m, May 21 June 17
“喜上眉梢”Commemorative Coins June 20 10:00 a.m, June 21 July 20

Please contact PCGS at [email protected] for bulk submissions.

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