PCGS Launches Text Labels “Golden Dragon King”, “Emerald Diamonds”, “Green Spirit” and “Commemorative Label for the 4th Series of RMB” for The Fourth Edition of RMB Banknotes

(Hong Kong)PCGS has launched text labels for the Fourth Edition of RMB banknotes that have been discontinued from circulation. In the RMB collection community, there exists a popular saying: To check on the watermarks in the Third Edition, but the fluorescence in the Fourth Edition. It is true that the fourth series of RMB were the products of high-tech and anti-counterfeiting test, which created a precedent for China’s fluorescent banknotes. In the process of printing, fluorescent banknotes are often adjusted to better master the fluorescence anti-counterfeiting technology; therefore, the same variety often has different fluorescence.


PCGS introduces new text labels for banknotes with unique fluorescent properties, such as “Golden Dragon King”, “Green Spirit”, “Emerald Diamonds”, and “Commemorative Label for the 4th Series of RMB”. There's no doubt that your collection will stand out!


 jinlongwang  lvzuan

* “Golden Dragon King”Picture of Text Label

* “Emerald Diamonds”Picture of Text Label

 lvyouling  sibanjinian

* “Green Spirit”Picture of Text Label

* “Commemorative Label for the 4th Series of RMB”Picture of Text Label


* Due to the privacy requirements by the submitters, the banknote codes shown in this article has been partially hidden.


Detailed rules are as follows:

Price: For Text Labels of the Fourth Edition of RMB Banknotes: USD 5 / banknote (please contact the Hong Kong Office for bulk submission and special offer)

Rules of Submission:

1.       If you need the service for the Text Labels of the Fourth Edition listed in this article, please mark such requests on the submission form;

2.       For all the Fourth Edition RMB, if you need the special mark for the “Commemorative Label for the 4th Series of RMB”, please mark such requests on the submission form (Variety Plus section), and pay the corresponding fees (USD 5 / banknote).

3.       You may, as the case may be, apply for the use of the PCGS special label for the Four Edition, together with the text labels of the Fourth Edition as shown in this article (details and costs for such special label can be found on https://www.pcgsasia.com/article/special-commemorative-banknote-label-for-4th-series-rmb?l=en )


Please contact PCGS at [email protected] for bulk submissions.

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