PCGS to Launch Special Label for CRH Commemorative Coin

(Hong Kong) The CRH commemorative coin will be issued by the People’s Bank of China on September 3, 2018. PCGS will launch special label, First Day of Issue® designation and FirstStrike® designation for this commemorative coin, further enhancing its collection value and significance.

Following the aerospace commemorative coin, the CRH commemorative coin representing China’s scientific and technological achievement will be issued! The common CRH commemorative coin is made of bimetallic copper alloy and the denomination is RMB 10. Its front side carries the national emblem, the Chinese text of “the People's Republic of China” and the year number “2018”. The main picture of back side is “Fuxing” bullet train with the background of Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge, Beijing South Railway Station, the Chinese text of “Fuxing China High-speed Rail” as well as mountain, terrace and desert.


2 Types of Special Labels are provided:

● Revival of Science and Technology

 Revival of Science and Technology

● Oriental Train

 Oriental Train

The label design is based on the abstract graph of China High-speed Rail, with a strong sense of science and technology as well as advancement, showing the great scientific and technological achievement of China.


There are six label choices when you submit:

  •          General label
  •          Special label for the commemorative coin
  •          General label + FirstStrike® designation
  •          Special label for the commemorative coins + FirstStrike® designation
  •          General label + First Day of Issue designation
  •          Special label for the commemorative coins + First Day of Issue designation



  •          Apply for special label only: USD 5/piece
  •          Apply for FirstStrike® designation only: USD 5/piece
  •          Apply for First Day of Issue designation only: USD 8/piece
  •          Apply for both special label and FirstStrike® designation: USD 10/piece
  •          Apply for both special label and First Day of Issue designation: USD 13/piece

For every submission form, at least 5 pieces of coins are requested; and all labels and designation fee will be charged separately from grading fee. For bulk submissions, please contact PCGS Hong Kong office.


Submission Rules:

  •          Modern coins applying for First Day of Issue designation must be received by PCGS Hong Kong office before 10 am on the first business day following the release date. Coins that are mailed to PCGS must be bearing a postmark date that is identical to the release date.
  •          If you’d like to apply for FirstStrike®, submissions must be delivered to PCGS office within the first 30 days of issue, or there must be a postmark dated within the first 30 days of issue.
  •          If you want to apply for a special label or FirstStrike® designation, you need to indicate which label you would like to use on the submission form, for example, by writing down "CRH Commemorative Coin (Oriental Train) + First Strike®”.


Please contact PCGS at [email protected]  for bulk submissions.

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