PCGS Launches Special Label for 2018 HK Banknote Series

(Hong Kong) The world leading third-party professional Coin grading and authentication company PCGS (www.PCGSasia.com) launches special label for 2018 Hong Kong Banknote Series. The new banknote series are released in December 12th, 2018 by 3 banks, while for the first time unified the design theme on the back of the banknote, which present the rhythm of life, leisure pastime, and rich in nature and diversity of culture heritage of Hong Kong.

PCGS is offering special labels for the new banknote series. The five special labels showed HK IFC, Geopark, Cantonese opera, butterfly and high-tea, fully demonstrating the unique value of Hong Kong and its spirit.


(▲ PCGS is offering Special Label for the new 20 HKD)


(▲ PCGS is offering Special Label for the new 50 HKD)


(▲ PCGS is offering Special Label for the new 100 HKD)


(▲ PCGS is offering Special Label for the new 500 HKD)


(▲ PCGS is offering Special Label for the new 1000 HKD)

The special label is designed with the background of Hong Kong international city, blend in a variety of harbor elements, with elegance and atmosphere coexist.

Each banknote graded by PCGS has a unique corresponding certificate number and QR code. Through scanning the QR code or verifying the certificate number, you can obtain the information about the banknote grades with the same certificate number and the contents of the label. You may visit the following URL to verify the certificate: https://www.pcgsasia.com/banknotes/cert/?l=en

PCGS Gold Shield Grading Lifetime Guarantee of Grade and Authenticity - Chinese and World Banknotes. You may visit the following URL to get relevant information: https://www.pcgsasia.com/banknotes/guarantee?l=en  


  • Each submission form must include at least 5 notes of the same currency. The expense of all labels and authentications will be additionally charged besides grading fees.
  • The 2018 HK New Banknote special label: 3 USD/piece (Original Price: 5 USD/piece) ;special label promotion is also available, and free of charge if you submit 5 coins or more in one order.

Please contact the PCGS Hong Kong Submission Center for bulk order.

Application Form

If you need to apply for special labels of 2018 HK New Banknote, you should write clearly “Apply for 2018 HK New Banknote” on the submission form.

Please contact PCGS at [email protected] for bulk submissions.

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