PCGS Launches Special & Custom Labels for 2020 Panda Gold & Silver Commemorative Coins

(Hong Kong) - Professional Coin Grading Service PCGS (https://www.PCGSasia.com) launches special labels, custom label, the First Day of Issue designation, FirstStrike® designation and other services for the 2020 Panda gold and silver coins. The set contains a total of 12 commemorative coins, including six gold and silver Mint State commemorative coins and six gold and silver Proof coins. All of them are the legal tender of the People's Republic of China.

The design theme of the 2020 Panda coins are a continuation from the 2019 edition. The 2019 Panda gold coins adopted the pattern depicting a baby panda lying in the mother panda's arms; the pattern of the 2020 Panda coins depict the baby panda has grown into a "child", who is playing happily and contentedly beside beautiful mountains and grassy field, symbolizing wealth of the people and a peaceful world in year 2020.

Special labels for the coins

PCGS customizes special labels for the 2020 Panda coins, which are applicable to both single coin holder and multi-coin holder.

l   Special labels “Naivety”
Special labels “Naivety” Special labels “Naivety”


Custom label

PCGS launches a new Custom label option which makes your collected coins unique.

l   Custom label “Charmingly Meek”
Custom label “Charmingly Meek”


Submission rules are as follows


l   2020 panda coin special label "Naivety": USD $5/piece

l   2020 panda coin custom label "Charmingly Meek": USD $2/piece

l   First Strike®: USD $5/piece

l   Special label + First Strike® designation: USD $10/piece

l   Custom label+ First Strike® designation: USD $12/piece

l   First Day of Issue: USD $8/piece

l   Special label + First Day of Issue designation: USD $13/piece

l   Custom label + First Day of Issue designation: USD $10/piece

The cost of all labels and authentications will be additionally charged besides grading fees.

Please contact PCGS at [email protected] for bulk submissions.

Fill out the application:

You may choose the First Day of Issue designation, First Strike ® designation, Special Label or Custom label alone, or you can choose one of the above two designations with special label and custom label. Your application must be indicated in the submission form, including which label, example: " 2020 panda coin special label (Naivety) + FirstStrike® designation. "

Application deadline:

Application for First Day of Issue designation must be submitted to PCGS Hong Kong Submission Center before 10 am of the first workday upon coin issue; and application for FIRSTSTRIKE® designation must be submitted within 30 days upon coin issue. In case of mail submission, relevant reliable certificate for the mailing time is required.

Release date

First Day of Issue Cutoff date

FirstStrike® Cutoff date

Oct 30, 2019

10 am, Oct 31, 2019

December 29, 2019

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